The Voice Of The People Of The Forest of Dean

This is no way to solve a problem

LEGAL action is the only answer - we don't think so!

Well it may be, for a nameless individual from who knows where, but not for us! Neither is the condescending and derogatory remarks made about sheep badgers.

Here we have a prime example of the patronising and misinformed attitude that seems to be influencing us too much here in the Forest. This individual who while hiding behind "name and address supplied" sees fit to run down the Forest its customs and rights and its people. They continue by championing laws and legal actions as the ‘’only answer" while belittling our MP promoting negotiation and saving our money and presumably anyone else who's aims are the same.

Additionally we are fed up to the teeth of people like "name and address supplied" suggesting that when you stop and challenge people going about their legitimate business that we are all ignorant, only able to speak "Anglo Saxon" a disgraceful picture to paint for all outside of the Forest.

Some of us are trying our best to promote the Forest in a positive way, an exceptional area to work and live. A place blessed with a population of working, innovative, proud and fiercely independent people. How damaging and selfish therefore are letters like those of "name and addressed" to our community.

This takes place whilst many groups including DFV and yes, the Forestry Commission and other individuals are trying their best to achieve a way forward by working together. Putting forward and searching for constructive proposals, seeking to understand issues of all concerned and find solutions. DFV would again appeal for the dropping of the council's legal action against the Forestry Commission and for common sense to prevail.

Rich Daniels, Dean Forest Voice.