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The series of September public debates which are being organised by Dean Forest Voice are taking shape. The purpose of these debates is to provide an opportunity for the views of the people of the Forest to be heard, and Dean Forest Voice are encouraging as many people as possible to attend the debates. The main theme for the debates has now been defined as:

“There is an area of the Forest of Dean which is defined and protected by statute. A portion of this protected area has been earmarked for development, which will set a precedent for the future.

We are at an important crossroads: the path we take now is irrevocable, and will affect all the generations that follow.”

Your voice needs to be heard! If you feel passionate about the Forest and want the opportunity to say so, come along to one of the debates!

Rich Daniels of Dean Forest Voice said: “We will be welcoming questions, which will be put to an invited panel of guests to develop a wide-ranging debate. Although the main purpose is to ask people to be there at the debates, we will be providing people with the chance to participate whether they can attend in person or not. And don’t worry if you’re not a public speaker – there will be opportunities for people to submit questions to be asked on their behalf.”

DFV are keen for this debate to be courteous, constructive and open-handed: this is not a platform for Dean Forest Voice to express its views – rather, it is the chance for your voice to be heard.

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The Great Forest Debate co-ordination office:
Tel: 01600 772300
Fax: 01600 716607

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