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Stand & Deliver

Local author and builder of this website, Adrian Marshall, has published an eBook detailing some of his experiences as a Chinese takeaway delivery driver in the Forest of Dean. In no particular order the exploits of our ‘Oriental Comestible Transportation Executive,’ are liberally scattered with general observations on life, the universe and everything. Most of the stories contain a certain percentage of poetic license, plus necessary name, location and setting changes, but there is more than a grain of truth in them all.

He has also produced a series of illustrated children's eBooks concerning a Supermarket Cat named BOGOF, details of these can be found on his website (Click Here)

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Hopewell Colliery Museum

There are regular underground tours, guided by miners or ex-miners that allow visitors to walk through the workings and see the conditions in which miners worked and the methods used to extract the coal from the steeply inclined narrow seams. The tours last about 45 minutes.

Parties leave the mine by the beatifully engineered Old Furnace level, built about 175 years ago. There is then a short walk through the Forest, along the course of an early tramroad, back to the Museum and Cafeteria.

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HOOF (Hands off our Forest)

Government plans to sell the Forest of Dean off will limit access and destroy centuries of tradition. The mixed broad-leaf and conifer woodlands, so well managed by the Forestry Commission as an amenity for all, will be ruined.

We believe that public ownership of the Public Forest Estate must be secured through new legislation. The rich cultural, historical and natural diversity of our forests and woods, and full access to them, is best protected under the continued steward-ship of the Forestry Commission, fully resourced to sustainably manage and expand our multi-purpose public forest estate now and in the future.

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Dean Heritage Centre

The Dean Heritage Centre is a registered charity and community founded venture dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting the unique history and heritage of the beautiful Forest of Dean.

The Centre is many things to many people - whether it's a tourist attraction, an educational facility, a museum, a registered charity or simply an exciting events venue, there is a wide range of things to do and see for all ages.

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Forest of Dean and Wye Valley

You’ll never be at a loss for something to see and do in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley. With the natural environment, fascinating history and heritage, an array of attractions and activities you can feed your minds and tire your bodies, but will there be enough time to fit it all into one holiday? Here we list information about our area rather the accommodation and activities. Find out about towns, villages, picnic sites, the natural history and our heritage.

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Verderers of the Forest of Dean

The Verderers are the sole remnant of the organisational structure developed after Norman times to administer Forest Law - introduced to provide for beasts of the forest, in particular deer and boar, and for the protection of their habitat.

A comprehensive account of the history of the Verderers has been published by Dr Cyril Hart OBE.

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Berry Hill Band

Berry Hill Band is a friendly brass band based in the beautiful Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. All the band members are local people who rehearse at the Berry Hill Band room on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 9pm.

New members of any ability are assured of a warm welcome. The band play a wide range of music and are available for both indoor and outdoor events.

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Cinderford Brass Band

Formed in 1879 our traditional and dedicated second section band is based in the Town of Cinderford. This is in the glorious Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. We cater for all tastes and themes, with one of the biggest collection of music in the south-west you have a great choice! Please browse our website and give us your valuable feedback.

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Dean Natural Alliance

The Group will campaign to conserve the area known as the Cinderford Northern Quarter as a place protected for wildlife and for the public appreciation of nature. It is a mosaic of habitat types, a tightly knit ecosystem with many species depending on each other which cannot survive major development.

The Group will support legal challenges, bring together other wildlife and cultural/ environmental groups and concerned individuals to protect this unique ecosystem.

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Green Party

The rural areas, which we collectively know as the Countryside, represent the habitats for the greater proportion of wildlife in England and Wales. Habitats and their plant and animal communities are under great stress from the demands of the total human population and from climate change and other environmental impacts. Some habitats are globally rare or unique to the British Islands and we have international obligations to conserve them.

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Friends of the earth

The Forest of Dean group challenges local destructive planning proposals and works on national campaigns such as those to secure a stronger National Climate Law and to oppose biofuel excesses. We produce a weekly programme on Forest of Dean Radio and our monthly newsletter gives details of our activities.