The Voice Of The People Of The Forest of Dean

Aims & Objectives

Primary Objectives

To promote and maintain the Vurester identity and enhance the pride and culture of the people of the Forest of Dean by creating a powerful voice capable of being heard and taken account of particularly at all levels of government and every other administrative organisation in the Forest.

Decision Making

Providing a Voice able to address governmental and administrative organisations.

Support the restoration of a Maternity Unit to the Dean.

Instigate a campaign to encourage Film, Television and Radio interest.

Monitor the Statutory Forest. For example, Brown field site development.

Focus groups will be initiated. The groups will concentrate on specific issues, projects and ideas.


Promote and maintain Forest culture.

Campaign to increase the level of local history included in the school curriculum. Promote retention of of old Forest skills and crafts for example Stone masonry, small scale mining, Ship Badgering, Forestry related skills and crafts, Cider making. Launch a Website. Establish a Forest "Faddle". The event will be a celebration of all that is "Forest" and become a regular annual event.

Ancient Rights

Ensuring that ancient rights specific to the Forest of Dean are protected.

Establish special interest groups to protect the security of Ancient rights. Free mining. Commoners Rights. Verderers Court.


Encourage the retention of the Forest dialect.

Forest Faddle. Promote the use of dialect in poetry and song.

Promote a "Signature" tune in dialect.

Elect a Forest Bard.